Life Of Percentages

We, as a society, try to use words like “beliefs” and “positivity” as explanations of how we overcome certain things. I realized recently that it doesn’t matter how positive or how much you believe in something, things can always take a negative turn.

There are thousands of Self Help Books designed to make us better people. Authors like Tony Robbins talk about how positivity can solve your problems. People use literature and research as methods for constructing positivity.

Let’s use the scenario that I have a life threatening illness and there is a chance I may die. On one hand I am the roaring Ra-Ra confidence of the American spirit. Where I believe I can overcome ANYTHING! Let’s say I live…is it because of my positivity or because I took the right things? People will talk about how confident I am and how nothing can take me down because I believe. Not “just” because I took the right things.

On the other hand I am negative and depressed constantly. I feel like I have no value in this world and will die alone. But let’s say I take the medicine still (which I will go into later on) and I live. Do you think it was my negative attitude that rewarded me with life? Again, maybe me taking the right things cured me and not a mindset.

I had 2 life threatening concussions. I had bleeding in the brain and doctors were shocked that I had no symptoms at all and didn’t miss a step. At the same time of my first concussion, actor Liam Neeson’s wife (Natasha Richardson) hit her head on soft snow and died of a head injury. I hit my head on ice so hard that my skull cracked and I was perfectly fine while she died. So did I overcome my injury with my positive sensibility? Did my body say “Heal now” and it did? Or does this reside in the category of “shit happens”?

Jim Valvano gave one of the greatest speeches in history. He was diagnosed with cancer and gave an emotionally roaring speech at the ESPN awards ceremony about how anyone can overcome anything. A few months after his speech he died…..of the same cancer that he made us all believe that he can overcome. Meanwhile people who maybe have a more serious diagnosis of cancer and who aren’t as positive may live.

The reason I put in parenthesis the part about the medicine was because (even though I am mostly bashing the notion of positive attitudes as methods for success) you still have to have a small notion of positivity to want to take something in the first place. If there is a 1% chance that you may live after hearing that you have a life-threatening illness, then you have a chance. I could be a devout Christian and have my heart filled with the Holy Spirit and still die. Meanwhile, I can be a negative atheist who has the same thing and live. Putting my hands together in prayer isn’t going to guarantee success.

Mercer College beat Duke in the NCAA tournament last season. Are you going to make the argument that Mercer College was more positive and wanted to win more than Duke? Or can you make the argument that Duke’s shots weren’t going in and Mercer had a better game plan? There are 68 teams in the tournament so therefore you have a 1/68 chance of winning it all. There are no certainties in sports. If you make it to a tournament, then you have a chance to win. Don’t let odds makers determine outcomes.

We love the David vs Goliath type of stories. Movies like Rudy and Miracle show us how people overcome impossible odds and come out on top. What a better story? How LeBron James has overcome adversity and has finally achieved all he was predicted to or how Bill Russell has won 11 titles in a row because he played on the best team in the league at that time?

I don’t mean to shit on people’s beliefs or positive energy. I trying to be a best-selling author and overcome disappointment constantly. I get rejection letters from publishers and still I send more out. Why? Because it’s something I want to do for a living. There is a big chance that I may never achieve my dream and have to settle for another career choice.

So I believe in being positive because without taking that first step you might not get what you want or take what you need to survive, BUT I don’t believe that thinking positive or reading the right material will automatically solve your problems.

Like I said about sports and certainties, there are also no certainties in life. If you have a 1% chance of living, then you have a chance of living. If you have a 99% chance of living then you still have a 1% chance of dying.

We love to hope that there is some otherworldly force that can help us in times of peril. That our positive energy can therefore challenge the laws of the universe so we may come out on top, but sadly that is hysterically untrue. Sometimes, to be blunt, shit happens. And there are no guarantees with medicine, self-help books and Ra-Ra speeches.

Joe Reyes



This Can Only End Bad

I saw a commercial that talks about how you can sync your phone to the utilities in your home. It even tells you that you can unlock your door by simply pressing a button on your phone. I think the risk outweighs the convenience by a lot.

For starts, your phone is a computer. If someone can hack into your email or bank account, then what’s saying that this can’t happen to your phone? Someone can hack your phone and simply let themselves in with the click of a button. Farfetched? Not at all. I remember hearing about how Facebook was hacked and people’s statuses were changed and material was deleted.

My friend’s uncle was thought to be dead because someone hacked his daughters account and the hacker put something about how her father died. Obviously it was found out later on that he was alive, but just the initial idea that computers aren’t a very secure thing anymore.

I just can’t see anything positive coming out from this. And I can easily see something bad happening and then, and only then, will people see that this is a bad idea.

Joe Reyes


Joe Reyes’ Guide For Better Sex

Warning: Graphic Details

First I must first define what the phrase “good sex” is. I define it by 1 simple factor, 1 key thing that is the main difference between “ok” and “great”. Orgasm count. How many times you can get her to orgasm in one session. That is MONUMENTALLY important in the world of sex.

To the fellas out there: our pleasure comes second to hers. She is the focus. She is the one that MUST have the better time. You must be completely unselfish in bed and make sure her pleasure is priority number 1. This insures a number of things.

First of all it strengthens the relationship. Yes, sex is a factor. But it’s not just about putting it in and out. Oh no! It has much more meaning than that. It’s about understanding the woman. Knowing what the things she likes and doesn’t like in bed. It’s about listening to what she likes and doing it with great skill.

Second it makes her want to do this again. If you go 110% and get her off in ways she didn’t know where possible, then you’ll be DAMN sure she’ll want you again. Sex is simple and yet complicated at the same time. It can be simple in the sense that the motion of “in and out” could be used. Yea, it’s possible to just do that, but that’s not memorable or fun for her. It’s simple, it’s boring and that’s not understanding what she likes and wants.

Now let me get into the guide and reveal what you have to do to ensure that she will have a great time and come back to you asking for more. But before I get into it I wanted to say, and I swear to all of you that this is 100% true, my best session lasted about 2 and a half hours and she had at least 15 orgasms. You can do that also following this guide.

First of all: You MUST attempt to go down on her. I use the word “attempt” because just like no 2 snowflakes are alike, no 2 women are alike. I knew a girl that hated the idea of me going down on her. She thought it was a disgusting act. Another girl LOVED it. I almost suffocated because I was doing such a great job that she wanted me to keep on going.

Now how do we do a great job doing that? It’s very simple. Guys….its circled for us. It’s either God or biology or sheer magic, the female body has circled the area that they want us to touch. Guys think doing that is gross. No it’s not. And honestly, if you’re asking her to put your thing in her mouth, then the least you can do is put your face in hers. There’s no fancy motions to do. Believe me, I tried figuring out some. What works best I just catering to that clit. It’s as simple as that. You can try all the fancy stuff you want on it, but just make sure your touching it.

Now on to the actual act of sex. You MUST take control. You MUST be the one in charge. This will allow you to maximize her pleasure and more importantly, make you last longer. If you’re doing the play calling, then you’re controlling the game. And I will later be covering how to last longer in bed.

But back to the act. Multitasking is your best friend. At no time, should you just simply be going through the in and out motions. You have 2 hands and a mouth USE THEM. Kissing is a very intimate thing during sex. It separates just getting off and sex. If you just want to get off then go masturbate because it’s pointless then.

You kiss her lips, her neck, her breasts, whatever you can. This shows passion in bed. You got 2 hands. You grab a hold of something. Play with a nipple, slap an ass cheek.  You just keep on doing something. Honestly how boring is “in, out, in, out, in, out”?  You got to do more than just that. I have never, not even my first time have sex, have I ever just did the motions.

Switch positions. Change it up. You don’t just want to be on top and that’s it. And when you change positions you get access to do different things to her. When you’re behind her, you can do more. Pulling hairs is something some girls like. But some don’t. It’s a guessing game at first. You do something, she reacts with either a positive or a negative, and either you keep doing it or move to something else.

Here is how you’ll last longer in bed and it’s also simple too. The key is your unselfishness and your results in the guesswork. You have to take your mind off of sex. You MUST not focus on how good it feels. You can’t do that, otherwise you’ll finish fast. The way to get your mind off of sex is just a simple matter of thinking about something else. Maybe start reciting lines in your head of your favorite movie. I sometimes make up math problems or think of sports statistics. Whatever works for you, do it.

Another great method of how to last longer is to do something else to her. If you feel like you’re about to finish, you pull out and go down on her.  If she doesn’t want you to use your mouth, then use your hand and fingers. You do something! Doesn’t matter what you do, but don’t you dare just lay there and rest up. Like I stated before, you just keep on doing something.

I couldn’t make this a step by step guide, because then that wouldn’t make sense for you. If I was to do that then I would have to talk about a specific girl and just explain how to get her to orgasm. That wouldn’t help “you” with the girl your with. This is a broad guide because sex is unpredictable. The things she likes and doesn’t like determines what you’re going to do.

It’s not rocket science, but it is complicated in a sense. The keys are simple, don’t be selfish, put her needs above your own, multitask, don’t focus on your own pleasure, and just have fun. Maybe joke around a little but during it. Don’t take it so seriously. It’s sex, you’re supposed to have fun. make it fun for her and she’ll make it fun for you.

I hoped this helped out a bunch of you guys out there. And feel free to ask any questions or if you are curious about anything. Enjoy

Joe Reyes

Post Graduate Struggle

We live in a world reversed from what it should be. Once upon a time a bachelor’s degree from a highly-accredited university was a guarantee for any job you wanted. College was arduous and pain staking, but well worth it because you were ushered into an affluent career, with the highest possible salary ceiling. Young people deserve to apply themselves to higher education with the hopes of attaining their financial dreams.

Those who went to top tier schools with renowned reputations and house-hold names graduated into the best jobs in their field of study. It used to be what you spent in tuition would dictate salary. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in prime education with the aspirations to become financially sound enough to repay your student loans, buy a home, a car and start a family.

Today is a dark time for those who broke themselves in school. Students subjected themselves to endless stress and antagonism on behalf of extremely late nights deep in study. This level of concentration consumed as much time and effort as any full-time job, if not more. Pushing themselves to the brink of melting down but, it’s worth it because you’ll earn a wonderful career and assume a life of comfort and success.This idea has been completely lost on us as a generation. Kids study and work so hard to graduate and work at a gas station just to pay their mounting debts.

Young people are graduating with 120+ college credits to no avail. Banks are refusing to defer loans or water down and spread out payments to allow graduates to gain momentum. Graduates are working 60 hour weeks just to keep bill collectors off their backs. This isn’t what a college graduate should be subjected to. College is an avenue we take to avoid the paycheck to paycheck life. Higher education is supposed to separate young people from the masses, setting them apart in the eyes of employers.

Today’s young people are competing with old war-horses that have been laid off and are doing their best to make enough to retire. Companies aren’t investing in young, eager minds instead hiring the experienced just to maintain a certain homeostasis within their companies. Large corporations aren’t risking loss on failed attempts to groom young minds, and build future leaders, instead hiring people they see as a safe investment. These older people have a low cost of training, and aren’t long-term employment investments.

So, the young are forced to work jobs well below them, spending their days disgruntled and doubting why they bothered with educating themselves. They go about their days with the mindset of; “Damn, if I didn’t go to school I could be a shift supervisor at Macy’s making $18.00 an hour and affording a 2-bedroom apartment”. This type of mindset is sinful.

The young people of our country should aspire for great things. They are our future leaders, our business men and women, lawyers, and doctors. Instead they are mad that they worked hard to excel when they could have easily settled down out of high school and worked an honest job. I hold nothing against those who are shift supervisors at department stores, or dock workers and laborers. Quite frankly, they are the backbone of our country. My point is simple; those who decided to invest in education should be rewarded, not punished. They should live comfortably and happily, not nervous and anxious about how they’re going to repay their loans.

I write this article because I am a graduate of Penn State University, one of the most highly touted, well-known Universities in the world. It is a perennial top-50 school that’s comparable to an Ivy League education in many facets. I spent five years of my life with sleepless nights, studying endlessly in a library. I received my degree in Telecommunications, one of the best Telcom schools in our nation. I earned a 3.2 GPA Cumulative and a 3.8 in-major GPA. I currently unload trucks at a department store and have been turned down for more careers than I care to admit.

I am forced to give up my dreams of a career in broadcasting and seek employment elsewhere just in the hope of starting a meager life. I am a product of our country’s “higher education”. It’s time for young people to stand up to political monsters, tell them enough is enough. We are sick of them forcing their beliefs down our throats to steal the money out of our pockets. Stop convincing young people that paying extraordinary amounts of money is worth it.

Every year more and more people graduate to find that the world isn’t what they thought it was. They are encapsulated in a world of youthful joy in college, barred from the endless winter that awaits them outside the college bubble. They graduate with every bit of confidence that they will rise to the top but, little do they know, all that awaits them is disappointment, grief and debt.

Getting an interview is today’s “job”. I’ve been on a miniscule amount of interviews when compared to the amount of resumes and applications I’ve mailed. I’m met with the same dried-out, abused line every time: “Sorry, we’re just not hiring right now.” Or, “We just don’t have a place for you right now but, best of luck”. Every single time I ebb ever nearer to giving up, running away and never coming back.

My knuckles have been bloodied from all the innocent, inanimate objects I’ve struck. My steering wheel is evidence enough. Frustration has marred my mind, and relinquished me to mediocrity, no longer striving for dreams, but simply pecking at chances to pull my head above the proverbial water. One step forward, five steps back.

Complaining to older people affords you the same cliche responses: “Keep fighting kid, something’s gotta give” or, “Things will get better, just have to keep going”. Everyone has a breaking point, everyone will one day fall apart when enduring such endless negativity and rejection.
I am today’s America, and I demand change.

John Jude


Created A Page


Recently I created a page on Facebook. (

This is to promote myself and my writings. I want to get myself out there more and gain some kind of credibility and fan base. My main goal in life is to write for a living and I want to share my writings and opinions with others out there with others and see what they think.

I do hope you go on and subscribe to my page. Every “like” counts and I hope you share your opinions to help me come up with new articles/writings and just share opinions.

Thanks again,

Joe Reyes