Interstellar: The Worst Movie of the Decade


Yes, you read that correctly. A blockbuster hit that won awards and has been nominated for 5 Oscars, I think is one of the worst movies I have ever seen. This movie was incredibly boring, outrageously long and confusing to the point where I had to research message boards to find out what was going on. Also, the music was entirely too loud. It might’ve been the theater I was at (I doubt it), but the music was so loud it drowned out some of the key dialogue.

When I saw the trailer, I figured it was going to be a bad movie. Because from what I gathered, the movie was about the Earth becoming uninhabitable and Matthew McConaughey going to other planets to find one that can sustain life for humans to travel to. This isn’t a plotline that looks to be filled with many twists and turns. Just seems like McConaughey would go to planet 1 and say “Eh” and go to planet 2 and see how it is.

McConaughey plays Cooper, a former pilot who eventually becomes the savior of the world…sorta. I was surprised that McConaughey wasn’t the writer on this movie, because it seems that Cooper could not die even though there were many times for it to happen.

The human race is dying of starvation I think. Giant sandstorms wipe away crop fields and causing people to suffocate. The only hope is to find another place for humans to live. Luckily, a wormhole has appeared in our solar system put by….aliens they think. The aliens must’ve known that Earth was in trouble and created a wormhole to another galaxy with habitable worlds.

There is a lot going on in this movie. I haven’t even gotten to the backstory of Cooper and his family. Cooper is a farmer now, who lives with his father in law, son Tom and daughter Murph. Yes, Murph, because that’s a girl’s name somehow.

Murph thinks there is a ghost in the house. In her room there is a giant bookshelf, and books seem to fall randomly. Murph decides to write these occurrences. Somehow Murph ends up connecting the dropping of books into Binary and Morse code. Really? Are we just going to pretend that makes sense?

Cooper indulges Murph’s crazy theory and puts the code as coordinates on a map and follows it to a secret military base. Cooper and Murph are captured by robots, tough talking Lincoln Log looking robots.

Skipping ahead, because this review isn’t even half way through. Scientist Professor Brand has discovered the wormhole with a bunch of other scientist and have already been sending exploration groups through and are sending another team consisting of Professors Brand’s daughter Brand….yes Brand is her name, random black guy and another scientist. Cooper is sent along as well. Because apparently they want him to pilot the craft because they are in desperate need and here Cooper randomly is.

Murph cries and tries to convince Cooper to stay. She even says the Morse code spells out STAY, but Cooper leaves anyway. The team goes into cryo sleep and go through the wormhole and land on another planet.

The problem is the time this mission takes. They don’t want to be gone too long because the world is dying, apparently, so taking forever isn’t a good idea. On approaching the planets, the time increases for the amount of time on Earth. 1 hour on the planet amounts to 7 years on Earth. So there is a rush to this mission.

I don’t want to spoil the ending or the 1 twist to it in the middle too much. This movie is about a Temporal Causality Loop. Family Guy had it in an episode. Stewie created the universe and Brian questioned how Stewie could create the universe if he was born in it. Stewie explained it like this “The universe created me so I can create it so it can create me and so on”. That is this movie in a nut shell. Something happens, beyond logical reasoning and TCL is the answer to it.

This movie was awful on all fronts. Worst of all, the ending was “apparently” a tear jerker. I was watching the ending and heard a sniff a few seats over. I see a woman in tears. I turn to tell my girlfriend of the phenomenon and saw another person crying. The whole theater except me was having an emotional reaction to the scene! To quote Lou Costello “Why? I don’t know”.

I give this a 0/5. It was just a disaster in every scene. Nothing made sense and it was just so long. I’ve seen long movies without a ton of action and still thought it was good. But this movie had no redeeming qualities to it. The biggest gasp moment for me was finding out Matt Damon was in the movie.

I do give the movie a smidge of credit. They had a line that was so hysterical that I literally laughed out loud. I highlighted it for you.

Cooper: Dr. Mann there’s a 50/50 chance your gonna kill yourself.

Dr. Mann: Those are the best odds I’ve had in years.

Joe Reyes


NBA Finals Are Here!

Heat vs Spurs! I’ve been waiting for this rematch since I saw Ray Allen shoot the clutches shot I have ever seen. Honestly I can’t pick a favorite in this matchup. One the Spurs side you have the superior coaching. They also have a deeper roster of bench players that can be starters on most teams. The problem is I don’t know how injured Tony Parker is. He is arguably the most important player on the Spurs roster.

The Heat have their strengths as well. They have good veteran talent. Wade seems to be 100% or close to it. Bosh is playing great and is going back to his days in Toronto where he was a scoring machine. Most importantly, they have LeBron James.

James makes up for coach Erik Spoelstra’s mistakes. I don’t think Spoelstra is a very good coach. Kind of hard to not succeed with the top players at their position in their prime. NBA analysts say Spoelstra is a Hall of Fame coach. I still don’t see it.

My head says the Spurs, but my heart says Miami. LeBron James is a tough player to bet against, but its even tougher to bet against a total team effort as the Spurs are and a mastermind coach in Gregg Popovich. So I’m going with Spurs in 7, but I hesitated a lot before making that pick.

Joe Reyes




Williams vs. Stockton

When I had the idea of this match-up, Deron Williams was still a top point guard in the league. Now he is literally playing for a contract. There is no question that John Stockton is the greatest Jazz point guard in NBA history.

Stockton and Williams are opposite in playing style. Stockton is a pass first guard and Williams is a scoring guard. Stockton still leads in Assists in NBA history. But playing alongside Hall of Famer Karl Malone isn’t what got Stockton into the Hall of Fame as well.

Stockton was also a prolific scorer and shooter. He played tough defense every night and sometimes was regarded as the league’s dirtiest player. No Stockton wasn’t throwing punches or hard fouling other players, he played such hard defense that other players hated being covered by him.


Williams isn’t a great defender at all. He isn’t a great passer either. What Williams can do is score. But there are times when his shot isn’t dropping and he is forced to be a facilitator. Since he isn’t a great passer he starts making bad passes and doesn’t see the open man.

In no way is Williams a leader. Stockton wasn’t just the point guard of the team, he was the floor general. He would call out the plays and make sure the open man got the ball. He prided his game on making others better. And when he was forced to be the “man” he was. Stockton again was a great perimeter shooter and could drive to the paint when needed.

The best Point Guards today try to mimic what Stockton was. Magic Johnson , John Stockton, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Chris Paul are all pass first guards and are what general managers look for in their point guards. They don’t want their point guard jacking up contested shots and try to be the “man” every night.

Joe Reyes





Just (Insert Here) Enough

Well you might as well crown the NY Jets Superbowl champs now because Eric Decker is coming to the Jets! After having great success with that mediocre Peyton Manning, Eric Decker can now come to the Tri State area and play real football… what every dumb Jets fan is probably thinking.

35 million dollars, last I checked, is the contract that Eric Decker received from the Jets for just being on the same team as Peyton Manning. Is the word “overpaid” blunt enough? Decker isn’t a great receiver. He’s not even a very “good” receiver. He is what I entitled “just enough”. What does that mean you ask? Let me explain.

He is Just Big Enough to get over cornerbacks.

He is Just Fast Enough to get separation.

His hands are Just Good Enough to catch a pinpoint Manning pass.

Being Just (Blank) Enough aren’t the qualities of a top Wide Receiver, let alone the Number 1# Receiver on the Jets roster. They’re paying him to be the top Receiver on the team, but he is nowhere near “Top”.

I think it was a terrible move grabbing Decker and even worse paying him the amount that they did. Jets management will be in question after this season and this move will certainly hurt Geno Smith or Michael Vick, whichever Quarterback starts the season. Neither one can make Decker look like the deep threat target that Manning made him to be.

If I recall Decker was a drafted pretty high in Fantasy Football Leagues, but again…that’s because of Manning. Look for another mediocre Jets offense this season as they waste more money. Their only saving grace is the draft, but I can only imagine that they will find a way to screw that up as well.

Joe Reyes


Sherman’s Rant

After the biggest play of his career, Cornerback Richard Sherman made headlines not for his play, but for his post-game rant. Sherman got into an argument with 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree before the game proceeded to ridicule Crabtree after the game. Sherman used the words “sorry excuse for a Wide Receiver” and “mediocre at best” to describe Crabtree.

The next day I knew that Sherman’s rant would be the talk of the sports world. Many sports analyst on TV and radio debated the severity of Sherman’s rant. It was a mostly a 50/50 split. Some argue its part of the game. Others said it was highly disgraceful to the sport.

My opinion is simple. It was a distraction and unneeded. There was no point for Sherman to say such things. In his rant he started off by saying “I’m the best Cornerback in the game”, why say that? Sherman is regarded as the best in the league, so why say that?

Does LeBron James say in post-game interviews “I’m the best in the world”? A great player, let alone the best at his craft, doesn’t have to say how great he is. That’s a sheer inferiority complex. But wait! Sherman was a late pick. Maybe he is showing everyone who didn’t draft him how good he is….so? Tom Brady is borderline the best ever. Brady doesn’t say that after every game. Even when he lost in the Super Bowl he didn’t say something like “well we lost but I am still the greatest”.

Here’s what many analyst aren’t talking about and it really confuses me. Sherman’s rant isn’t good because it was a distraction from the Seahawks comeback. The Seahawks were practically losing the game until the end of the 4th quarter.

The Seahawks went for it on 4th and 7, they scored on that play. That’s what people should be talking about. The coaching, the comeback, the defense as a whole, Sherman’s game winning play…..not him on a microphone.

I want to hear what the coach thinks. What do Sherman’s teammates think about the rant? Are they saying “wow Richard you are the smartest man in the world for that”. No one thinks this was a good intelligent thing for Sherman to do.

I think all it did was make the team look bad and make Peyton Manning curious. I think Peyton will try his luck with Sherman. And I think Manning can get a few big passes on Sherman. I know that’s not Manning’s mentality, but I think he can take a few shots in Sherman’s direction and be just fine.

Joe Reyes