$100 Million Dollar Contracts

In the NFL they seem to give $100 million dollar contracts to anyone who has a good season. These contracts should be reserved for players that are Quarterbacks only. Mainly because they impact the game in ways far greater than any other position on the field.

JJ Watt is having a Defensive Player of the Year season, but look at the records for the Texans. Trade Watt and Andrew Luck and see which team goes to the playoffs. Luck has a bad roster around him. B- receivers, C running game, worst offensive line in the league and an OK defense at best…..playoff team.

The Texans have a Pro Bowl wide out in Andre Johnson, Pro Bowl running back in Arian Foster, a bevy of pretty good defensive players….they won’t make the playoffs. There is a huge drop off from Watt and the next best defensive player. Watt is a huge contributor on defense, but this is a quarterback dominated league and without a good one, let alone a decent one, you can’t make the playoffs.

Now the biggest problem teams have is in the rebuilding phase. The average fan can see a quarterbacks ceiling. Andy Dalton is average, at best, but still got a $100+ million dollar contract. Is he deserving of that contract…..#$#% NO!

BUT you gotta look at it like this. Do you start over OR try to build around him and hope he doesn’t #$#% up. So the Bengals were trapped in a situation of “pay the man” or “start over”. And the Bengals are just good enough to screw themselves out of a good quarterback draft pick.

Unless you have an impact guy…..then move the #@$% on. That simple. Now not to discredit Watt, he is a hell of a player, but a defensive player isn’t going to get the Texans into the playoffs.

You don’t need a max guy to win it all. That’s one of the main problems with professional sports today. Teams and fans think you need max contract guy to win it all. In salary cap leagues, you cannot….CAN-@$%#ING NOT overpay for a guy who won’t win it all for you.

Dez Bryant wants a big payoff this upcoming off season. Would you sink $80 million into a guy who can’t impact that game unless the quarterback is giving him the ball? Larry Fitzgerald screwed himself with a $100 million dollar 7 year contract.

The Texans are one quarterback with an above average IQ and arm away from making it to the Super Bowl. Watt is playing his absolute hardest and they are just barely surviving in this league. Without him nobody cares about the Texans, but with him they are less than nothing. They are nothing now, but would be less than nothing if they lost Watt.

Smart players take less to build around themselves and their team. Salary cap leagues are meant for teams to go 8-8. Same money to spread around, better draft picks to losing teams are two key reasons.

Texans need a quarterback, plain and simple. They don’t need a $100 million dollar defensive end who you can double team and add some extra blockers to deter him who most importantly take a big chunk out of the salary cap.

Joe Reyes


What Always Annoys Me

                I always hate when I hear that Tony Romo is a bad quarterback. He’s really not. Every year in Dallas there is something that goes wrong and Romo is the blame. Let’s take a look back at his career and I’ll pin point times where it’s not his fault.

                The field goal fumble: he shouldn’t have been out there to begin with. It was pretty much his first time holding the snap. So why was he out there holding it? Doesn’t make any sense to me.

                Last season Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was fired. He went on to say that “I did the best with the talent around me” so he’s pretty much saying the defense sucks. He was fired because the Cowboys think they should’ve done better with the talent on defense so they blamed Ryan for not making them better. Either bad coaching or bad talent, the defense wasn’t good.

                Romo’s weapons are always injured. Jason Witten is the only target that is consistently healthy and a playmaker. Outside that there is nothing consistent on offense. Well there is….someone is always injured.

                The offensive line is decimated and players are constantly being shifted around to compensate for injuries. Dez Bryant wasn’t mentally there for a while after being in court for beating his mother. Also contract talks halted his production.

                DeMarco Murray was their star running back and he was out for a very long time. So was their backup Felix Jones. Miles Austin lost his hamstring for a long time. His 2 top wideouts were out for a long period of time. Dwayne Harris was their star in one game…..who the Hell is Dwayne Harris?

                The Cowboys have many problems. Coaching is a huge part of it. By no means is Romo the problem. He is the best offensive asset the Cowboys have and the only thing that can lead them through the playoffs.  I’m not making excuses for Romo, I’m just saying that he hasn’t gotten much help over the years and he isn’t to blame for all their problems.

Joe Reyes


Second Chance?

JaMarcus Russell is trying to make a comeback into the NFL. The question is does he deserve a second chance?  I guess he’s entitled to one, but who would want him? Look it like this: why would I want to take an out of shape, washed up, bust of a number 1 pick, hasn’t played football in years OVER a fresh out of college young quarterback?

It’s not a matter of he doesn’t deserve a second change, it’s a matter of there are better options out there. Russell Wilson was a 3rd rounder who turned into a superstar. This year’s draft has multitude good quarterbacks, why would I pick up JaMarcus?

He’s not an emotional leader. He doesn’t bring wisdom and inspire his teammates. The idea of having him on your roster over ANY young quarterback is outrageous to me.

Joe Reyes


How to Judge a Quarterback?

Opening Thought:

Would you rather have a team that goes 11-5 or better, but loses in the playoffs or, a team that barely scrapes by in the regular season and gets hot in the playoffs?

The NFL is a “what have you done for me lately” league, allowing guys like Arian Foster and Victor Cruz to become super stars out of the clear blue.  Undrafted phenoms aside, I’m here to argue my case when it comes to ranking the NFL’s golden boys; Quarterbacks.

Building the perfect quarterback:

First let’s compile skill sets and traits that every team lusts after in a quarterback.  First and foremost is leadership, can he go out on the field in any situation and lead his team to believe they are the superior team?  Can he pick his team up when they’re down and readjust their mindset?  Leadership trumps any physical short-comings, best exemplified by the barely 6-foot Drew Brees.

Mental toughness; quarterbacks are marked men, 11 guys at any given time are doing all they can to stop him. This idea of mental toughness is immeasurable. This is on a personal level for the quarterback but the rest of his abilities emanate from this “epicenter”. His ability to trust his receivers to run proper routes and catch the ball in tight situations and to trust his lineman to pick up pass rushers allowing plays to develop and execute. Mental toughness is the “give me your best shot, then watch me get up smiling while I brush the dirt off” idea.

Loathe Losing; a quarterback must hate nothing more than losing.  EVERY offensive snap (aside from gadgets and wildcat garbage) the quarterback has the ball in his hands.  He is the orchestrator of the offense, directing his coach’s composition, even at times expanding and changing the notes, if you will.  This idea is scary if your quarterback is complacent; a “good enough” mind state is a sin.  The perfect quarterback wants nothing more than to win, and be the reason the team triumphs.


Football 24/7; this means that football is the priority when his team is fighting for a playoff berth, or in the middle of May when football is dormant. This could also be known as “student of the game”, always studying his competition becoming smarter and more savvy.  The quarterback is a field general; he is in essence a coach as well as a player.  The game is entrusted to your quarterback, hence why it’s the hardest position in all of sports.  Having a quarterback that doesn’t do his homework is like allowing a med student to conduct open heart surgery.  With the complexity of football on the NFL level, the quarterback must be a well-versed surgeon.

Clutch; John Elway, Tom Brady, Johnny Unitas etc… what do these guys have in common?  The ability to FINISH games.  You can have a 110 passer rating 30+ tds and 5000 yards a season but it’s about WHEN, not so much HOW OFTEN.  Your quarterback needs to be at his best with 2 minutes left down by 4 points with a trip to the super bowl on the line.  There are plenty of quarterbacks that put up phenomenal numbers, but who cares about gaudy numbers when you can’t deliver when it’s needed?

Physical Attributes; this is where we account his God-given talent and physical build.  You can talk until you’re blue in the face about 6’5 220 with a huge arm and pin point accuracy but the most important physical attribute (which is naturally given, and near impossible to learn) is the release.  A quarterbacks release decides all his passing abilities.  (For those of you who don’t know, the release is how quick the quarterback goes from cocked to throwing, i.e. his throwing motion).  This dictates how hard it is to sack the quarterback; obviously being able to deliver the ball in a hurry makes it harder to get to him.  The release dictates placement of the ball, accuracy speed of the pass, and any other in flight attributes you can conceive.

How do you rank quarterbacks?

               If you were to rank them based purely on the allure mentioned than the list would be skewed towards the blue-chip all-pro quarterbacks that everyone that knows.  The quarterbacks in this group are obvious; Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, Brees, not in that order but those names are the ones that come to mind.

Let’s revisit my opening statement;” Would you rather have a team that goes 11-5 or better, but loses in the playoffs or, a team that barely scrapes by in the regular season and gets hot in the playoffs? “

This skews the list again, if you were to list the top quarterbacks based on their ABILITY TO WIN IN BIG GAMES, including SUPER BOWLS? Brady, Eli, Rodgers, Brees, Ben, Peyton. IN THAT ORDER, based on AMOUNT of rings, and most RECENT championship, as we said it’s a “what have you don’t for me lately” league.

Putting Eli ahead of Rodgers and Brees seems completely stupid, but would you rather have a guy that is a regular season monster, setting records then lose to the 7-9 Seahawks? (2010 playoffs Saints vs. Seahawks), or a guy that is severely underrated puts up very good regular season stats (Eli: 29 tds 16 ints, 4,933 yds and a career high 92.9 passer rating in 2011) gets his team in the back door of the playoffs, winning the TOUGHEST division in football with a 9-7 record then goes on to win his SECOND super bowl after 2 straight road wins against the 15-1 Packers and the 13-3 49ers?

We play and watch sports to file it down to TWO teams to go on and win championships, so if you want to sit here and tell me that a 15-1 regular season and one and done (2011 Packers), or a 14-2 season with a super bowl loss(2011 Patriots) is better than a 9-7 season with a super bowl win, I say enjoy setting your records and winning 15 regular season games. I’ll take a super bowl ring hands down.

John Jude


Russell Wilson…How The %#@ Did He Do It?

The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn to about a 30 million dollar contract… and the rookie Russell Wilson is the starter? I can understand if Wilson played better than Flynn in practice and preseason, but look at it from a money standpoint. You spent 30 million dollars on a backup. I can see if Flynn was a Wild Cat kind of player, then I can understand because you’ll use him a lot.

How is Management OK with this? The Seahawks aren’t a high profile team. They don’t scare anyone. They might win a few games here and there, but they aren’t a threat to playoff contenders. So right there you could’ve spent that money on a high quality player or players. Make the team better maybe.

It’s stupid! I just don’t see how people thought this was a good idea. So now you got Flynn on the bench almost hoping that Wilson struggles of gets injured so he can play. Yes, that’s what all backups say, but Flynn was given a huge contract to do nothing. Waste of time! Idiotic! Are the only things that come to mind when I hear about this.

I believe Wilson can be a good starter, but it’s the principle of that you wasted a lot of money so I guy can be a backup is ridiculous.

Joe Reyes