Resident Evil 6 Review

Don’t play as Jake to start off the game! Sorry, just had to start with that. This was great game, not as good as 5 in my opinion. I’m still giving this 5/5, but not the best Resident Evil game made. But let’s get back to my opening statement. You play through 3 storylines. Leon, Chris and Jake. And I will go through each storyline briefly.

Leon’s story is the typical Resident Evil experience. You fight zombies to start off with. You do stupid puzzles to open up doors and get keys. The puzzles are annoying, like shoot the bells to start the fires to open the gate the get the key. That’s actually a part of the mission.

With Leon’s storyline you try to uncover the conspiracy and stop the infection. You combat hordes of zombies and are giving little ammo. We’re talking a very limited amount of ammo. There are times that I had to use a knife for a part of the game because I had to save my ammo for the boss. Each storyline does this, which is really stupid.

Chris’s you have a more run-and-gun type story. You play as a soldier and fight mutated soldiers with guns. When you play as Chris there is constant disappointment. Not with his storyline, but in general with Chris. All his people end up dying. He is a Captain and has a group of soldiers always with him. They all end up dying every mission. You can’t save any of them.

Chris’s story is about revenge, against those who are responsible for the infection. There are no puzzles, no stupid keys to get. It’s just run, shoot and more running. It’s fun, don’t get me wrong. It’s very straight forward to play. You’re entertained the whole time.

With Jake’s storyline, you really don’t have a plan. You blood can cure the infection and you’re mostly being thrown around from place to place until the final battle. Since you’re on the other end of the world for most of the game, you’re not in contact with the other 2 storylines, so you’re missing out on 90% of what’s going on.

There are times with Jake’s storyline, where you just run into Chris and Leon. You would be fighting a boss and BAM there’s Chris. You run through a hallway and BAM there’s Leon fighting the main boss. Playing as Jake first is just confusing. You got to play is as Leon, then Chris, then Jake because that’s the best way to do it. Otherwise it’s just confusing.

Another problem with this game is you don’t upgrade the guns. You’re not even giving that many to use. In 5, you would get 3 different machine guns, a ton of pistols and rifles. In 6, you get a pistol, a shotgun, a rifle and a special weapon. And that’s it! They even point out where the guns are and are needed to beat the game.

After writing this I’m giving it a 4/5. I was disappointed in the end with the way this game was presented. They took out important pieces and gave us partners that can’t be killed in battle. Yea, your partner can’t die in battle. So you can just sit back while your partner can kill everything and you don’t have to waste a precious bullet.

Again a 4/5.

Joe Reyes





Resident Evil 6

I can’t wait for this game to come out. I am a big Resident Evil fan. I though the 5th game was the best ever. The 5th was more of a run-and –gun type game. The ones before that were too complicated and some parts took forever. There was too much puzzle solving that took away from the fact that you were being chased by zombies and other creatures.

5; let you upgrade weapons, let you aim better, and have my most favorite feature in a game co-op play. You played with a partner in co-op and in single player mode. You used your partner to solve puzzles that you actually needed to solve. Like boosting up a character to get a key for a locked door. The puzzles were short and sweet and in each one game you a lot of enemies to kill. Teamwork was a huge part of the game.

6, doesn’t look like it has a co-op feature. I didn’t read much about it, but I saw some gameplay videos and it looks more like a single player game. This is still good, but co-op makes for a better gameplay experience.

The story I know enough about to get an idea of what’s going on. Wesker, the main villain in all the games, died in 5. He has a son, who shares his blood, so that makes him very valuable. Wesker found a way to enhance his body and his blood can create an army of super soldiers. Meanwhile a biological bomb went off turning people into zombies. Main characters from previous games unite to stop the infection.  That is all that I know about the storyline thus far.

The cinematic look amazing and from the cut scenes it looks brutal and action packed. This franchise took a big risk in killing off Wesker, because without him there would be no Resident Evil. His mark is on every game. A new villain must rise to continue his work. The action looks great. The game looks fast paced. In some videos you see your character surrounded by enemies and have to fight them alone.

The game looks great and should be well worth the wait. Look to buy it on October 2nd. I will write a full review after I play it so stop on by to see what I thought.

Joe Reyes