The Worst Evil Plan?

I see a bad trend happening in the movie business. I want to talk about a pair of incredibly evil characters with horribly idiotic master plans. Characters that are portrayed in such an awesome way, that it is such a disappointment to see what their plan really is.

Silva, from Skyfall, was one of the best Bond villains ever portrayed. He was always a step a head of Bond and the rest of the agency. He was the flamboyant character that movies have seemed to stray away from today. He added style to disturbed individual and made a lasting impression. He was scary when he wanted to be and he lightened the mood in certain situations. In some scenes, he portrayed death in an almost comedic manner.

Bane took intimidation to a whole different level. From the very first scene, we were shown a character that was the biggest threat to Batman and anyone who challenged him. Besides being massive and a skilled fighter, he was also incredibly smart and planned several moves ahead. Things he did in the early scenes shed light to an almost incredible evil plan. The key word being “almost”.

The fault in these 2 characters, and what I think is a writing injustice to the actors, was what their master plan was all about. Silva was a former operative with MI6 and captured and left for dead. M at the time could’ve bargained for his life, but chose not to. This led Silva on a revenge fueled quest to kill her and free himself for the horrors he endued. The main problem is found with him is that he had this incredible criminal syndicate built on years of evil and destruction.

In the end, nothing else mattered, but trying to kill M. Even at times trying to sacrifice himself just to kill her. I don’t like a character that built years and years of resume of evil, to just throw his life away in a baby like manner. I understand he wanted revenge, but don’t do it in a way that you are ending your life just to end hers.

Bane had an army. Bane had a purpose, destroy Gotham and Bruce Wayne. Simple, but interesting in the approach he took. He destroyed Bruce’s financial and made him broke. Then later, he broke him physically. Now the best part about it that there were other characters involved in the takeover of Bruce’s company, but Bane was just perceived to be the muscle to get the job done. What later came to light was that Bane was playing everyone. He had a master plan, which had to have taken years of planning.

What I hated the absolute most about this movie and Bane, was what his plan was unfolding to be. He had a nuke that he placed in Gotham and it was going to go off in about month or two, I forget how long but it was a long time. The plan was to have Gotham run by the criminals and the city would literally destroy itself. Bane was there the whole time and was going to blow up in the explosion also. He eventually became a suicide bomber and wanted to die in the explosion.

Both characters were very similar. They both were smarter than everyone else, they both were intimidating foes and both wanted to die in the end. Now I could understand if they went out all Gun-Ho and died in the process, that I can understand. But both men’s plans WERE to die. They built up huge legacies of evil just to die for a very petty cause to say the least. Silva was revenge, which he could’ve easily achieved. M was an old woman…couldn’t be that hard to kill her.

Bane’s character dropped off when he stayed to die in the explosion. Right there his character lost all credibility and intelligence. He was a man who could’ve taken over the world if he wanted to. But instead he chose to want to sit and die for a cause that wasn’t even his own.

I think Bane had the worse plan in the end. It was the biggest disappointment I have witnessed in movies in recent years. Again, both characters were portrayed brilliantly, but when the winding minutes of the movies occurred, we saw right through them for what they really were. And without spoiling it, the way they both died was quick and just like their plans, wanted so much more.

Joe Reyes

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Taken 2

This is the most interesting concept for a movie I have ever seen. For years we have watched bad guys get killed over and over again with no repercussions to the main character. We rarely see a movie, where the bad guy’s friends want revenge.

I think this movie will start a new trend of movies coming out. First of all, Taken1 was great, a 5/5 to say the least. Taken2 has what you would expect and more. Just from the name alone, you can imagine it’s about someone getting kidnapped and Liam Neeson saving that person. It kind of reminds me when the Hangover 2 came out. People complained it was too much like the first one. Well what else could you expect from a sequel?

Taken2 adds a whole new premise by having the revenge aspect to it. Who would’ve thought that these few random people that Neeson killed had a family, gang member friends who want revenge. I think this will be a huge hit.

Yes, we do see movies where revenge for what happens in the first one happens, but that’s usually when the main villain of the first one dies and in the second one someone tries to avenge his death. This hasn’t happened with random no nothing characters.

I am already giving this movie a predicted 5/5. Not an Oscar nominee however. I think it’s going to be more of an Action Movie Classic. Box office hit, but that’s it.

Joe Reyes