The Road vs. The Book Of Eli

A pair of post-apocalyptic worlds and a pair of heroes doing what they can to survive. Both stories are vastly different from each other in plot and approach, but what doesn’t differ is the will to survive. The choices both characters make are hard and full of consequences. Both movies are exceptionally good and well recommended by me.

The Road follows the tale of a father and his son, as they just try to survive in this world ravaged by war. Every day is a struggle.  A simple chore of getting food and water can turn into a fight for survival.

Raiders and killers litter the lands. People will try and act friendly until you turn your back to them. There are no loyalties or honor. It’s a fight for survival and only the cruelest will survive. The son tries to be the moral compass. He doesn’t quite understand they people will kill you for a simple can of tuna. The father knows what this world is and what he has to do to ensure the life of him and his son.

The Book of Eli follows a very different path. Eli is on a quest from God and is traveling West. He doesn’t know why, he just simply said God told him. He is carrying around a bible that he believes has a purpose. Along the way he encounters a town with a ruthless self-appointed dictator to it named Carmine.

Carmine understands what a deadly weapon religion is and how he can use it to bend pothers to his will. This is so far in the future that he was a young man when the bombs fell. Many people in the world there don’t even know how to read, let alone know what religion is. Eli is then on the run from Carmine and his thugs to keep the book safe and return it to what he believes is “proper hands” out in the West.


Both characters make huge sacrifices for their causes at the end of the movies. They are different yet similar. I give both movies a 4/5.

Joe Reyes





Black Ops 2

In the opening trailer, we see a character we though died in the first Black Ops. I read pages of theories to see if any of mine match and none have. For those of you don’t know the main character Mason watch as his friend Woods tackles a man out a window and explodes. Another thing to point out is that a lot of what Mason saw was a lie, because he was brainwashed into seeing things that weren’t there.

This was a huge revelation at the end of the game. Some things we saw never happened and Mason was implanted to secretly work for another faction without his knowledge. All this leaves me to believe that Mason never saw Woods die. Maybe he pushed the man out the window who exploded and Woods was never in the same room as Mason at that time.

It’s like those movies where you realize that everything was a dream at the end. Woods wasn’t fake; he was a character in the game that existed. I’m just saying that if Mason saw him die then there might be a chance that he didn’t actually see him die.

But now to the game itself, it looks great. It’s all future warfare. The guns and equipment are all enhanced in a way that is believable. I didn’t read much on the story of the game because I didn’t want to spoil it for myself, but this franchise is smart in its approach and rarely disappoints.

A fan favorite, Zombies Mode, is back and better than ever. You and 3 other friends can try to survive with hordes of zombies coming after you in various levels. With DLCs coming out almost monthly, the gaming experience never gets dull.

I will be purchasing Black Ops 2 when it releases November 13 of this year and write a full review on the game and its story.

Joe Reyes