Tony Jaa vs. Scott Adkins

This isn’t a VS of who would win in a fight because CLEARLY Scott Adkins would wipe the floor with Tony Jaa. This is more of “Who’s Movies Suck The Least” type of article. Both actors have pretty damn bad movies. The only redeeming qualities of both careers are the awesome fight scenes that take up the bulk of their movies.

Tony Jaa has the Ong Bak series…which started off as a movie about underground street fighting and stolen ancient artifacts. The last 2 movies had absolutely nothing to with the first one at all. In fact the last 2 movies take place in a different era and have 0 to do with anything. It was a pretty terrible movie that….was just a flat out disaster.

The Protector was about stolen elephants and the second one took a Hangover 2 blueprint and made the plotline about stolen elephants. Equally a terrible pair of movies in their own right.

Scott Adkins filled our screens with…..I guess Ninja was his big series. Also Undisputed was kinda good, but it was still pretty bad as well. Adkins was the villain in that movie and still the villain in the second one, but was the good character by process of elimination. Bad characters surrounded by worse character I guess.

You know what…..I don’t know where I’m going with this one. Both actors have amazing martial arts skills, but waste their talents on terrible bit movies that usually come straight to DVD. They need better agents if anything.

I guess Adkins had the better career because I’m in America. His movies are easier to find than Jaa’s. I guess if I lived in Korea or China…..or Thailand (just to be safe) where Jaa’s movies come out then it would be easier to find his movies.

Nobody wins this one.

Joe Reyes



Luke Goss….The Greatest Actor You Never Heard Of

There are some actors that only do terrible movies, sadly Luke Goss is one of them. Baring his roles in Hellboy 2 and Blade 2, Luke has been casted in some pretty terrible movies. The different between Luke Goss and other actors who do bad movies, is that Luke Goss is a great actor in those terrible movies.

You might notice that instead of using “Goss” or “Luke” that I use his full name when I talk about him. That is because Mr. Luke Goss has earned my respect and I can only address him in that manner. I blame his agent for his terrible straight-to-DVD movies.

I saw the movie The Dead Undead, where Luke Goss played a vampire zombie hunter. When Luke Goss came out of a black van, just a few seconds after running over a horde of zombies, I had to get another tissue box.

Just checking his IMDB page shows that Luke Goss will be gracing our DVD players with more stupendous acting and off color one liners. The only sad part is that you might not hear about this movies. Luke Goss’s movies will be pushed to the back of the isles so that movies like Captain America 2 and the new Planet of the Apes can be upfront. So support Luke by getting Netflix and searching the $5 movies bins at your local pharmacies so you can see his movies.

Joe Reyes