How To Ruin A Second Season

I want to use the TV show Young Justice as an example for this article. Young Justice is a DC comic’s based show about the Justice League’s sidekicks forming a new team to aid the league. The show started off very well. There was the introduction of a core group of characters that each got their own storylines in some episodes. Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Ms. Martian, Artemis and Aqualad were the core group of heroes. There was a main plot that got deeper as the show progressed. Each character evolved and changed as events transpired.

The creators started off the show great. There was a deep enriching storyline. A solid group of characters that all had a big part of screen time. Any filler episodes served to deepen your understanding of the characters. The season ended in a cliff hanger. The final episodes showed the Justice League being controlled by an unknown evil and forced to fight their once sidekicks. You find out that 6 members of the League went into deep space with no knowledge of what happened. Also in the final moments you saw who the main villain was.

They ended the season solving the problem and setting the tone for next season. So what is the problem? I can answer it in 3 words “5 years later”. The new season started off 5 years later from the previous one. Everything changed and the season was mostly trying to answer the questions the audience had.

Robin, a young boy at the time matured quickly and is in charge of the team. He is now known as Nightwing. Superboy and Ms. Martian started a relationship that seemed to abruptly end. Kid Flash and Artemis became a couple and quit the League all together. Aqualad’s one true love died and he became a supervillain and teamed up with Black Manta….who you later find out is Aqualad’s father.

Instead of building to these storyline, the writers decided to ignore all that and just make you accept their idea. You also find out in the first season that the character Red Arrow, who was once team member, was a clone and the real Red Arrow was captured. So the clone Red Arrow set out to find the original. So he has been searching for 5 years and found nothing. Oh yea, he also had a kid with a supervillain that was randomly sprung on him.

There are a huge number of additional team members added to season 2. None of them you learn how they ended up there. The season starts with the new members combating a bad guy. There is no introduction about these characters. It’s just “Here is Blue Beetle and everyone else”.

Not only did each character in the first season get their own episode, you got to learn about their pasts and how they got to where they are now. There is a new Robin and a Batgirl. Along with a handful of other “main characters” to the show that just spring up like they were there all the time.

It the difference between “showing” vs “telling” story writing. One is just “accept it” and that’s it. The other is take it step by step. Show me how Robin became Nightwing. Show me how he took charge and became the leader.

There aren’t simple little changes. These are series changing events that were just sprung on the audience. Good writing is showing not telling. 5 years is 5 seasons worth of material they could’ve put in to the show.

More importantly the second season had a lot of twists and turns, but they were only twists and turns because the audience didn’t know better and you had to just everything as it was presented. That’s not a twist, it’s a lie.

So after a solid core group has been assembled, season 2 diluted it and sometimes you never saw all the heroes. When I write, I make sure all characters are given their proper time in the spot light. One story I wrote had 7 different characters in different parts of the United States.

BUT I cycled through them repeatedly so there wasn’t a long gap between seeing all the characters. More importantly I even had some characters interact with eachother and go on joint storylines. Book 2 I added a lot more characters, but still had the small numbers of storylines because I combined characters and it didn’t spread the story to thin.

Young Justice was a great show, but the writers ruined it by first making the outrageous time gap and then by adding so many new characters without an explanation. Shows can’t that. First of all it’s unfair to the audience and more importantly it is just bad writing. Season 1 was never like that so going off the blue print into season 2 is just an odd idea. This is how you ruin a good show.

Joe Reyes


Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

It takes a strong fighter to beat Vegeta. It takes an even stronger fighter to make him beg forgiveness. Lord Bills is by far the Earths greatest threat. Recently Bills has awakened from a long sleep to challenge the greatest warrior in the galaxy.

Whis, a magical power warrior, awakens Bills letting him know that Lord Freeza has been killed by Goku. A Super Saiyan God is legend that Bills has been told and believes that Goku is the very fighter he is looking for. Bills is motivated by one thing, battle. He wants to be the strongest in the galaxy and has destroyed worlds to find a fighter who can equal his power.

Goku and his friends are all gathered having a barbeque when Bills arrives on Earth. Bills doesn’t just show up and start shooting lasers. He introduces himself, fills a plate of food and sits down to eat. Vegeta notices Bills and instantly becomes frightened. Vegeta remembers a time long ago where his father bowed down to Bills to keep his planet from being destroyed. Bills becomes infuriated after Buu eats his pastries and goes on a rampage. Goku must then become a Super Saiyan God in order to defeat Bills and save the world.

The movie is very actioned pack and I just wish it was longer. Maybe a little bit more backstory into the history of Bills and maybe something leading up to another movie would be good as well. Overall I would still have to give this movie a 5/5.

Joe Reyes


Luke Goss….The Greatest Actor You Never Heard Of

There are some actors that only do terrible movies, sadly Luke Goss is one of them. Baring his roles in Hellboy 2 and Blade 2, Luke has been casted in some pretty terrible movies. The different between Luke Goss and other actors who do bad movies, is that Luke Goss is a great actor in those terrible movies.

You might notice that instead of using “Goss” or “Luke” that I use his full name when I talk about him. That is because Mr. Luke Goss has earned my respect and I can only address him in that manner. I blame his agent for his terrible straight-to-DVD movies.

I saw the movie The Dead Undead, where Luke Goss played a vampire zombie hunter. When Luke Goss came out of a black van, just a few seconds after running over a horde of zombies, I had to get another tissue box.

Just checking his IMDB page shows that Luke Goss will be gracing our DVD players with more stupendous acting and off color one liners. The only sad part is that you might not hear about this movies. Luke Goss’s movies will be pushed to the back of the isles so that movies like Captain America 2 and the new Planet of the Apes can be upfront. So support Luke by getting Netflix and searching the $5 movies bins at your local pharmacies so you can see his movies.

Joe Reyes


Edge Of Tomorrow : Why I Disagree

Even though this movie looks incredibly actioned packed and has one of my favorite actors in it (Tom Cruise), I will not be seeing this movie. After seeing the trailer it wasn’t a hesitation that I had no interest in this movie.

From what I gathered, Earth is invaded by aliens and a military resistance is formed. Tom Cruise seems to be an officer in the military with no training and just looks awful out on the field of combat. But, when he is killed he reverts back to a few days prior before the war began with full knowledge of the events to come. This lets him be able to train and ready himself over and over again until he becomes the ultimate killing machine.

The problem is there is no sense of danger in this movie. If Cruise can just keep coming back over and over again then there is no point to the movie. It’s like playing a videogame with unlimited lives. The enemy could just keep killing you and you can come back knowing where they are. There isn’t a sense of danger for the audience wondering if Cruise will make it to the end of the movie.

I wouldn’t recommend this movie at all based on how I feel about it. Just looks to be a thrown together plotline with a fantasy element that kills the entire allure of a battle.

Joe Reyes


Crysis 3

Before I go into this review I must first state that I did not play the previous Crysis games in the series. I picked this game up randomly at a game store and never even heard about the game. That being said I liked the game a lot. The only problem I had with it, was that the game didn’t explain fully what happened in the previous 2.
You are just thrown into what seems like a changed world and barely get any knowledge of what is going on. Now again, I never played the previous 2 games, but I’ve played sequels before. I picked up Mass Effect 2 before playing the first one and knew everything I had to about the previous game.

Crysis 3 had everything you could ask for in a first person shooter. This game would’ve received a perfect 5/5, but the lack of knowing what was going on killed it for me at spots. You play as Prophet, a soldier strapped into an alien suit of armor. The suit gives you Predator like abilities. Enhanced strength, invisibility, shields and enhanced leaping ability.

There is a large amount of customization in the game from different power-ups your suit gets and also the different weapon modifications you can do on your guns. You even get a bow and arrow with different modifications. You can even set how much torque is in the bow when you pull back. Different torque leads to faster or more powerful hits with the arrows.
AGAIN this game is PERFECT, but I don’t know WHT THE HELL IS GOING ON! I thought Prophet was an alien working with the humans. You are with a squad mate Michael, who apparently was also in a suit, but was taken out for some reason.

You’re fighting this group of random human grunts called CELL, but their intentions are pretty unknown. Also aliens called Ceph, which I think is where the suit came from. There is little information about them except a few written texts you find along the way.
This game gets a 4/5, but can easily have been a perfect game if they would’ve had a few flashbacks that explained what was going on or just a character to explain what was going on. And it’s not laziness or sheer neglect on my part. I don’t think I HAVE TO play to previous two games to know what was going on in the third.
I hate to dwell on it, but it’s not hard to explain something to people who haven’t played the previous games before. The way I would’ve done it is simple and quick. It’s a rough idea and I’m writing off the top of my head so this isn’t elaborately thought out.

Show the Earth, aliens invade, soldiers fight back, how does Prophet get the suit, a little about the other characters, what CELL is, aliens getting wiped out, something significant that happened in the second game and what leads you to the opening scene of the third game. SIMPLE!

I don’t even know who ran CELL. Who is in charge of it? For all I know they were random grunts that I wanted to see how many I could kill before someone fired a shot at me. Baring my rant, I give this game a great 4/5 and a must have for previous players of the game and fans of first person shooters.
Joe Reyes


War Machine

The reason I got him was because I used him in a Distress Call and was blown away. He has a move called Machine Gun Barrage, and it kills everything. It wasn’t even fair to the enemies. This is why I had to get him. Unlike Iron Man, this attack has a high chance of hitting and it does about 7 shots to each enemy.

Other than that he isn’t spectacular. He doesn’t have any Perks, and his Stamina is low. Really low to the point where you have to recharge a lot. This is a liability at times, but you can always upgrade that. That being said, I think he is a solid pickup.

Joe Reyes


Captain America

So disappointed. He is one of my favorite superheroes of all time and he is barely worth the effort it takes to get him. He doesn’t Wow me in the slightest. His attacks aren’t as strong as they should be. You would think since it cost 90 Command Points to get him, that he would be a powerhouse.

It’s just cool having him on your team. He doesn’t give you much in terms of Perks. Like I said he’s just cool to have. You can’t build on him. He will be the 3rd weakest character when you go into a match. And it sucks to say that because I really wanted to pick him up as soon as I got 90 Command Points, but smartly I didn’t.

Joe Reyes