Luke Goss….The Greatest Actor You Never Heard Of

There are some actors that only do terrible movies, sadly Luke Goss is one of them. Baring his roles in Hellboy 2 and Blade 2, Luke has been casted in some pretty terrible movies. The different between Luke Goss and other actors who do bad movies, is that Luke Goss is a great actor in those terrible movies.

You might notice that instead of using “Goss” or “Luke” that I use his full name when I talk about him. That is because Mr. Luke Goss has earned my respect and I can only address him in that manner. I blame his agent for his terrible straight-to-DVD movies.

I saw the movie The Dead Undead, where Luke Goss played a vampire zombie hunter. When Luke Goss came out of a black van, just a few seconds after running over a horde of zombies, I had to get another tissue box.

Just checking his IMDB page shows that Luke Goss will be gracing our DVD players with more stupendous acting and off color one liners. The only sad part is that you might not hear about this movies. Luke Goss’s movies will be pushed to the back of the isles so that movies like Captain America 2 and the new Planet of the Apes can be upfront. So support Luke by getting Netflix and searching the $5 movies bins at your local pharmacies so you can see his movies.

Joe Reyes



Black Ops 2

In the opening trailer, we see a character we though died in the first Black Ops. I read pages of theories to see if any of mine match and none have. For those of you don’t know the main character Mason watch as his friend Woods tackles a man out a window and explodes. Another thing to point out is that a lot of what Mason saw was a lie, because he was brainwashed into seeing things that weren’t there.

This was a huge revelation at the end of the game. Some things we saw never happened and Mason was implanted to secretly work for another faction without his knowledge. All this leaves me to believe that Mason never saw Woods die. Maybe he pushed the man out the window who exploded and Woods was never in the same room as Mason at that time.

It’s like those movies where you realize that everything was a dream at the end. Woods wasn’t fake; he was a character in the game that existed. I’m just saying that if Mason saw him die then there might be a chance that he didn’t actually see him die.

But now to the game itself, it looks great. It’s all future warfare. The guns and equipment are all enhanced in a way that is believable. I didn’t read much on the story of the game because I didn’t want to spoil it for myself, but this franchise is smart in its approach and rarely disappoints.

A fan favorite, Zombies Mode, is back and better than ever. You and 3 other friends can try to survive with hordes of zombies coming after you in various levels. With DLCs coming out almost monthly, the gaming experience never gets dull.

I will be purchasing Black Ops 2 when it releases November 13 of this year and write a full review on the game and its story.

Joe Reyes

Resident Evil Retribution

These movies are horrible to say the least. I really hope this is the last one. They just keep popping out a new one ever 2-3 years. They’re just awful in every way. It’s amazing that the funding and fan base is still there. The only thing Resident Evil about these movies; is the name, fact that zombies are around and a few characters.

The main character Alice wasn’t ever in the games. The movies are about her and in every movie her character gets more ridiculous. To sum it up quickly, she was infected with a virus that instead of killing her and making her a zombie, it made her super. So the bad guys want her DNA to replicate it to make a super army.

The first movie she was a normal woman. In the second movie, she was infected and was more enhanced, not a super hero, just stronger than everyone else. The third she had super powered. She was moving stuff with her mind and annihilating everyone at will. The fourth one she was cloned, so there many of her killing everyone, but at the end I’m pretty sure she was injected with something that made her normal.

So it might be interesting to see where they go with this movie. They brought back characters from the previous movies. Characters that were clearly killed in ways that they shouldn’t bring them back. A character I am happy they brought back was Wesker; the most badass character in the franchise. He is the cause of everything, the reason the virus is out there, the start of the franchise is because of him. Without Wesker, there is no Resident Evil. The last movie he had an appearance. He was so badass in it that the movie was tolerable.

I don’t have high expectations about this movie, but I will watch it with an open mind. But even as I write this I end up questioning it. The company involved is obviously doing a good job, even though a lot of people don’t like the movies, they make money still. Somehow they keep popping these movies out. I hope this is the last one because not only are the not getting any better, they are just repetitive and annoying to watch.

Joe Reyes