Crisis on Two Earths Vs The Flashpoint Paradox


I wanted to compare two Justice League based movies with similar plotlines. Both have the plotline of parallel universes with chaotic differences.

Crisis on Two Earths, still a very good movie, takes an already done and genetic approach to the paradox. Lex Luthor is in charge of the Justice League and the members of it are the villains of the other universe. And vice versa where Superman and Batman are bad guys of the parallel universe.

Luthor travels to our universe to ask the Justice League to help stop the villains of his universe. Obviously the League accepts and goes to battle against their counterparts. Again, it’s a good movie, just very generic in its approach. Batman and his counterpart Owlman are the geniuses of the groups. Superman and Ultraman are the same as well in both universes.

The Flashpoint Paradox on the other hand takes the plotline to an entirely new level. The Flash tries to go back in time to stop the murder of his mother and completely ruins the timeline for everyone. Upon coming to the new universe he created, the Flash discovers he isn’t the Flash. Just mild mannered Barry Allen….who is a homosexual?

Aquaman and Wonder Woman are having a chaotic war that is quickly threatening the lives of everyone on Earth. Superman is a captive by the government and has been imprisoned since he landed on Earth. Bruce Wayne was the one who actually died in the mugging as a child and not his parents. So his father Thomas Wayne became Batman. Hal Jordon never acquired the green power ring and became Green Lantern. Also…..the Flash is gay now?

Both movies are good in they are reviewed seperatly, but The Flashpoint Paradox is far better than Crisis on Two Earths. Not to say it wasn’t a good movie. Even though I keep saying the storyline in Crisis on Two Earths has been overdone, it is still a good movie.

I give Crisis on Two Earths a 3/5 and The Flashpoint Paradox a perfect 5/5. This might be the best DC movie to date and I know I wrote that when I reviewed Assault on Arkham, but this could very well be better than that.

Joe Reyes




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