Jabari Parker 2 Milwaukee Bucks

I had a hard time thinking about what to write about Jabari Parker. Most NBA scouts and analysts say Parker is the most NBA ready player in the draft. He doesn’t “wow” me at all. I think he will be a 18 point and close to a double double player, but I don’t see super star in Parker.

I see a very good player and contributor to a terrible team. I see his stats being very high his rookie season, but in no way a player to take this team to the playoffs. Unlike snubbed Rookie of the Year Brandon Jennings. I don’t see what all the fuss is about with Parker. Granted I think he will be a good player, but not worth taking with the number 2 pick.


Joe Reyes

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Guardians Of The Galaxy

My God this movie looks awful. I don’t like to start off a post being that negative, but I really hate seeing the trailers of this movie. It looks to be a terrible movie. The direction looks horrible and the characters are so unlikable that there doesn’t look to be many redeeming qualities to this movie. My biggest problem is that the characters look so dumb. I mean there is a raccoon with a machine gun, a tree, and just other random people.

Yes I know all I have to go on is the trailer, but the trailers really do set the tone for a movie. The only reason I might see this movie is because it ties into the Avengers and the Thanos saga. So I’m very hypocritical in my article because I will end up seeing this movie at one point.

So I’ll be writing my full review on this movie when I see it. Guardians of the Galaxy comes out August 1st, so…..who knows how it’ll turn out.

Joe Reyes


Andrew Wiggins 1 Cleveland Cavaliers

I don’t understand why there was any doubt that Wiggins would go number 1 overall. He would’ve gone number 1 overall last draft as well. Wiggins is that player that you can’t pass up on. His ceiling is so high. I think he can be a superstar in this league.

I don’t know why there was any debate about picking Wiggins. There are some players that don’t come around often and when they’re gone you will regret not taking them. Wiggins athleticism is unmeasurable and he can only get better as his career progresses.

My only problem with Wiggins is his weight. He is only listed as 190. For a guy who is 6’8, and plays with a lot of driving moves, he should be heavier to be able to battle down low. LeBron looked skinny when he first started and so did Patrick Ewing, but that changed pretty quickly.

I think Cleveland made the right choice. Not only just taking Wiggins, there was a lot of debate to trade the pick to get Kevin Love. This was a plan in order to get LeBron to come back. I don’t see that happening. So trading the Wiggins pick to get Love would’ve been useless.

I see Wiggins becoming a quick star in this league. Close to an All Star, but defiantly Rookie of the Year. Yes, I am projecting Wiggins to go very far in this league and have an amazing first year. The problem is….he’s on Cleveland. Not a lot of star talent there. Maybe Wiggins will attract other free agents in his second season and with a low record they should be in the hunt for some top picks.

Joe Reyes

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Shut Up And Take My Money

Chis Bosh had a perfect opportunity to compete for another championship on the Houston Rockets, but instead took a grossly overpaid contract with the Heat. Bosh was reported to get around 88 million with the Rockets, but will now get a 118 million dollar contract to stay in Miami.

I always thought Bosh was a great player, most likely a Hall of Famer when it’s all said and done, but was surprised he took the Miami contract. Bosh has taken less money to play with LeBron and Wade when they first went to Miami. Bosh has also reduced his role on the team by taking less shots and deferring to Wade and LeBron.

It’s odd that Bosh chose to stay on a Miami team clearly not equipped to win a championship, rather than going to a stacked Rockets team that could be a favorite in the West. I understand that Miami offered him A LOT of money, but when he said he wants to win more rings, he clearly didn’t pick the right destination to do it in.

Joe Reyes


Dragon Ball Z Battle of Gods

It takes a strong fighter to beat Vegeta. It takes an even stronger fighter to make him beg forgiveness. Lord Bills is by far the Earths greatest threat. Recently Bills has awakened from a long sleep to challenge the greatest warrior in the galaxy.

Whis, a magical power warrior, awakens Bills letting him know that Lord Freeza has been killed by Goku. A Super Saiyan God is legend that Bills has been told and believes that Goku is the very fighter he is looking for. Bills is motivated by one thing, battle. He wants to be the strongest in the galaxy and has destroyed worlds to find a fighter who can equal his power.

Goku and his friends are all gathered having a barbeque when Bills arrives on Earth. Bills doesn’t just show up and start shooting lasers. He introduces himself, fills a plate of food and sits down to eat. Vegeta notices Bills and instantly becomes frightened. Vegeta remembers a time long ago where his father bowed down to Bills to keep his planet from being destroyed. Bills becomes infuriated after Buu eats his pastries and goes on a rampage. Goku must then become a Super Saiyan God in order to defeat Bills and save the world.

The movie is very actioned pack and I just wish it was longer. Maybe a little bit more backstory into the history of Bills and maybe something leading up to another movie would be good as well. Overall I would still have to give this movie a 5/5.

Joe Reyes


The Return Home

LeBron James has made the decision to return back home to the Cleveland Cavaliers. I was shocked by this only because of the letter by Dan Gilbert (Cavs owner) about James leaving. It is kind of hard to look past, but the key word in this sentence is “past”.

The biggest problem now is what do they do to improve the roster? There are talks about trying to trade for Kevin Love. For some odd reason the name Andrew Wiggins keeps coming up as a trade commodity. You can’t trade Wiggins. After all the hype about him and how high his ceiling is, can’t trade him now.

Chris Anderson (Birdman) made a huge impact on Miami. Before that he was out of the league. Yes, Kevin Love would make an even bigger impact, but you don’t have to trade for him. There are other free agents out there and tradable players that the Cavs can afford without destroying their roster.

I’ve always believed System > Player. If you have a solid system in place, then the wins will come out of it. LeBron made players better on Miami and led a bad Cavs team to the finals years prior. You can’t just pop players into a roster and generate a championship.

The Cavs are the clear favorite to win it all just hours after getting James. I think it will be a great upcoming season, but I do hope they don’t trade away their team to get Love. You need to keep Wiggins and just acquire players around that will fit the style of play.

It will be interesting to see what moves follow this decision. James started a domino effect and other top players will be making their own decisions now. I wonder who will sign next and who will join James in Cleveland.

Joe Reyes


NBA Draft Recap

Due to previously scheduled articles, this evaluation of the NBA draft might not be correct due to the trades that might’ve happened after. But as of June 27 I will be using that list of players to teams to write my evaluation.     I do believe this is one of the deepest drafts ever and think that most players in the first round will make an immediate impact.

I will be going player by player in the first round only and talk about what impact they will have on the court and in the rotation.

Joe Reyes